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Advanced Keyword Research Services

Know what keywords to focus on to get the best results in the least amount of time (delivered  in under 48 hours).

We'll get the data, process it, and give you everything you need to remove the guesswork from content planning so you rank faster for your most valuable keywords.

Total Searchable Market Platform
The Problem

You have endless keywords to choose from, but you keep second guessing yourself.

Finding good keyword is too manual and tedious.

You don't know where to start first.

You're not sure how to structure your website.

SEO Keyword Research Service

Get insights on what keywords you can rank for quickly

SEO Optimization Growth Chart
Your keyword research needs to inform your content strategy, but knowing what to prioritize still feels like guesswork. We'll get the data for your Total Searchable Market™ and prioritize each topic cluster for your specific website.

Every company's priority score is uniquely calculated for their website using our proprietary algorithm that ranks topics so the highest value for the least amount of effort are at the top.

High-quality, data-rich insights delivered to you in 12-48 hours. Access provided through our self-serve platform and CSV files for people who want the raw data.
Ardent Growth On-Page Optimization Results
Brendan Hufford, Founder of Growth Sprints

Brendan Hufford

Founder, Growth Sprints

"Figuring out how to properly organize things on a large content-driven website felt impossible. Ardent Growth made it a breeze."
Tim Hanson SEO & Content Strategist

Tim Hanson

Founder, fivethreeoh

"It's the best keyword research you'll ever get in your entire life.
I literally stopped doing keyword research because of how good the TSM is from Skyler and Ardent Growth."
Total Searchable Market™ Keyword Research

Know what you can rank for predictably, so you can reach your target market faster

Ardent Growth Keyword Research Platoform
Know what your target market searches for and the type of content they want. Find quick wins to beat the competition, and forecast future growth.
See everything your target market searches for related to your category.
Discover high-value topics you can rank for quickly.
Identify content gaps and cannibalization issues across your website.
Find untapped opportunities your competitors aren't even aware of yet.
Create content plans and forecast growth in minutes.
Ardent Growth Keyword Research Platoform
Advanced Keyword Research

Get up to 1286% more organic traffic with keyword research for your Total Searchable Market™

Organic Traffic Growth Chart
Ardent Growth's keyword research service tells you what pages to create and optimize to get the most conversions from organic traffic.

HawkSEM grew their organic traffic by 1286% after using our keyword research and guidance.

You need good data to make good decisions. Do you know what pages are worth spending time and money on? We help you improve your SEO by following these core principles:
Be Comprehensive
Topic clustering works best when you capture everything your customers search for.
Maximize Efficiency
Prioritize your resources based on impact and effort so you don't waste money.
Continuous Improvement
Optimize and get more traffic and conversions from your existing pages so you don't miss anything.
Surgically Precise
Plan and create new pages you can rank for quickly and predictably.
Organic Traffic Growth Chart
Ardent Growth helps you win across these four areas.

Other ways people use our keyword research

You can use the data we provide in several interesting ways.

Category Expansion

Uncover new products and categories you can easily rank for and start selling.

Paid Search

Plan ad groups around clusters, optimize your bidding, and improve your ad quality.

Raising Capital

Demonstrate the value of your Total Searchable Market™ and forecast growth.

Competitor Research

Analyze your competitors, find gaps, and get ahead of them so they're chasing you.

Alternatives to Ardent Growth

Ardent Growth is the right choice when you value:

  • Quick turnaround (we deliver your data in 12-48 hours so you can start taking action that week)
  • Comprehensive high-quality data (we have the ability to collect data for your entire TAM)
  • Reliable results (our priority scoring is calibrated to give you the most bang for your buck)

Your alternatives:

SEO tools

There's a ton of keyword research tools out there that have billions of keywords—some will even cluster your data for you. These are great if you want to manually spend hours getting the data, days (if not weeks) tediously going through it all, and don't mind working with generic data that isn't custom-tailored for your specific website.

Ardent Growth delivers comprehensive, actionable insights uniquely tailored to your company based on your topical authority and no SEO tool can match our speed, quality, and expertise.

Marketing agencies

Agencies are excellent when speed isn't a concern (most take 4-6 weeks to do what we do), you don't care about quality, and you want to get roped into an expensive monthly retainer.

Most agencies just give you the same generic data you can get from SEO tools and don't have the ability to prioritize things specifically for your website.

Ardent Growth delivers results in 12-48 hours, using our own proprietary software to pull live data from Google, map it to your website, and prioritize the results using an algorithm trained specifically on how Google works.

These folks use Ardent Growth to get the data they need to plan their content.

Get the best keyword research to start planning your content more confidently.

Cody West, Founder of The Query

Cody West

The Query

Turns out SEO doesn't have to take time. 20 minutes of work added 6 figures of net new revenue for us in the first 30 days alone.
Chris Dreyer, Founder of

Chris Dreyer

Founder & CEO

Traffic and leads keep growing and I don't have to waste time checking their work. They see the big picture and can execute it too.
Klaus Kleinfeld

Klaus Kleinfeld


Even our ad agency was impressed. They couldn't believe how quickly our organic traffic grew on a brand new ecommerce site in the health industry.
Tim Hanson SEO & Content Strategist

Tim Hanson


It's the best keyword research you'll ever get in your entire life.
I literally stopped doing keyword research because of how good the TSM is from Skyler and Ardent Growth.
Brendan Hufford, Founder of Growth Sprints

Brendan Hufford

Growth Sprints

Figuring out how to properly organize things on a large content-driven website felt impossible. Ardent made it a breeze.
Sam Yadegar, Founder of HawkSEM

Sam Yadegar


Working with Ardent Growth has been phenomenal. They dive into your business model, create growth goals, and deliver tangible results.


Total Searchable Market Keyword Research
Timeline: 12-48h
Starting at
one time payment
TAM Keyword Research
Planning Platform Access
Content Roadmap Template
Financial Forecasting Models
Performance Tracking Dashboards
Two 75-minute consulting sessions
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
*Starting at $2499 for small businesses & agencies
Ask us about the discount


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You work directly with Skyler

This isn't the type of service you can hand off to some junior SEO or overseas researcher. Skyler builds every single keyword research project we deliver.

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Projects take 1-2 days

We've done this over 100+ times now. We complete 85% of projects in under 48 hours. The longer ones usually have complex business with many solutions (e.g., HubSpot, QuickBooks, NerdWallet, and so on).

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First come, first serve

If you want to hire us, we'll send you a quote with a place to sign and pay. Once that's done, your project goes in the queue and you'll get updates along the way.

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What if I need more data later?

We offer discounted rates for customers who expand their business and starting competing in new categories or want to refresh their data as their topical authority increases.

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What if I need help planning content?

We can help plan your content at a discounted rate of $5000 per 50 pages. We can focus on optimization guidance for existing pages or production guidance for new pages.

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What if I need help producing content?

We can help you produce content by guiding strategy and execution at a discounted rate of $5000 per month. If you don't have a content team, we'll help you build one.