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\$1M to $10M ARR with product-led content marketing

We’ll help reduce your customer acquisition costs and get more product-qualified visitors to your site by developing a content strategy that maps to your total addressable market with our topic clustering algorithm.

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Get a cluster with revenue forecasts for your business

Give us a topic, schedule a call, and we’ll show you how to get 6+ figures of return with just a few hours of work.

Our clusters include revenue projections—making it easier to get executive buy-in and the resources you need.

SERP Driven Clusters

Our clusters are built using live SERP data from Google and grouped by topic and subtopic—making it even easier to plan content.

Revenue Potential

We calculate revenue potential by cluster to help you determine whether a given cluster is worth going after or not.

Personalized Priority Score

Our personalized priority score makes it easy to get quick wins by taking your current topical authority into account and balancing it with potential value.

Current Rankings

Easily see where you currently rank for each keyword as well as your average rank across the whole cluster.

Search Intent

Get search intent for each keyword so you can more quickly determine what type of content you'll need.