Efficiently scale your organic traffic every month.

We help B2B SaaS companies drive more pipeline and reduce CAC using our Topic Priority Matrix and Demand Generation Framework.

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Priority Content Topics for B2B Companies with Revenue Projections
Fast Delivery of Content Strategy Services for B2B

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Find your growth opportunities

We can quickly assess your TAM and find the most valuable opportunities you can tackle within days.

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Smarter planning

Get back hours spent doing keyword research and planning content without cutting corners.

"The time-savings here makes the data we purchased worth it's weight in gold."

Vin D'Eletto
CEO, WordAgents

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Faster growth

Generate revenue from content faster by knowing where to focus to attract more qualified buyers to your site and in your pipeline.

"20 minutes of work added 6 figures of net new revenue in the first 30 days alone."

Cody West
Head of Growth, Scribe Media

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Folks we've helped
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6 figures of net new revenue in 30 days
Turns out SEO doesn't have to take time. 20 minutes of work added 6 figures of net new revenue for us in the first 30 days alone.
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Cody West
Growth | Scribe Media
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186% increase in revenue from organic traffic YoY
Even our ad agency was impressed. They couldn't believe how quickly Ardent grew our organic traffic on a brand new site.
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Klaus Kleinfeld
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I can't imagine going back to doing it the old way.
Figuring out how to properly organize things on a large content-driven website felt impossible. Ardent made it a breeze.
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Brendan Hufford
Growth | ActiveCampaign

Who should use our service?

Our topic opportunity algorithm works best for businesses with a product-led motion. 

We can help you reliably capture compounding organic traffic growth, bringing qualified buyers into your funnel that you convert into paying customers even if you’re in an entrenched space.

If you’re already an established category leader, we can help by give your existing content a refresh to boost its traffic and conversions.

Who's not a good fit?

You want to focus on paid acquisition as your primary growth channel.

There’s nothing wrong with that—we love paid media too. But our framework gets results through sustainable channels that grow quadratically, not linearly.

You already have your own strategy and just need someone to execute. 

We’re glad if you do—but you won’t need us. There are plenty of commodity agencies that can help you with that.

You’re creating a brand new category—SEO isn’t for you. Launch a podcast, speak at events, and advertise like hell to educate your market and generate demand. We’ll be here when you’re ready to diversify your acquisition channels later.

See it in action

Schedule a strategy call to learn how we can help you build predictable traffic from your ideal customers.

Frequently asked questions

You’ll get the keyword research data you need to get fast results for your customer, organized by cluster and sorted based on where our algorithm things you should focus on first.

In addition to the data, you’ll also get access to a training course that shows you (or a freelancer you’ve hired):

  • What the data means
  • How to use it
  • How to present it to customers

In multiple parts.

Step 1: Submit Target Domain Data
During checkout, you’ll supply your target domain and location data so we can pull query results that are localized for your customer.

Step 2: Keyword Aggregation
Keyword data gets aggregated from a variety of tools including Ahrefs, Google APIs (Autosuggest, People Also Ask, and Related results), as well as several third-party resources. We can enrich the data further with your customer’s Google Search Console data if you’re interested.

Step 3: Curation
US-based SEOs curate the data for quality to reduce the noise caused by irrelevant topics.

Step 3: Real-Time Clustering & Intent Mapping
We collect real-time data from Google when you purchase the product to cluster keywords together the same way Google does.

Step 5: Priority Scoring
After collecting the data from Google’s SERPs, we enrich it with additional data from tools like Ahrefs and use our proprietary prioritization formula to calculate your target domain’s topical authority across the entire set of data. We then sort the data by priority so you know which pages to focus on first to get the most value.

Step 6: Optimize/Refresh/Create
Using our priority scoring, you can determine whether a page needs to be optimized or refreshed as well as which topics you should create next. Following our priority score, you can get new content ranking for your customer within days—keeping them happy and giving yourself plenty of results to add to case studies to secure more customers.

You can do a variety of things with the output of each report including:

  • Identifying quick-win optimization opportunities
  • Identifying pages that need to be refreshed
  • Planning new content to create and rank quickly without having to build links
  • Present forecast potentials to upsell your customers for more services
  • Use the data as part of a pitch to close a big deal

After purchasing, you’ll receive access to a training course that walks you through what each piece of data means, how to plan what actions to take for each topic to get results, and how to present it to your customers to get them excited or convince them to pay you more money.

If the videos aren’t enough and you still need help, you can purchase one-on-one consulting with Skyler to walk you through everything and help you strategize.

You can use the data for multiple customers if you don’t care about how fast you get results.

Each report is personalized to a single domain, so ranking data, competitor ranking data, SERP data, and priority scores are unique.

We can typically deliver everything within a few hours depending on the size of your order. Even for large orders, you should receive your order within 24 hours.

Yep. Here’s a sample report for ClickUp and here’s an article that breaks down how to use the data to plan areas to focus on and improve.

We stand behind our products 100%, no matter what. If you’re not happy with your report we’ll work with you to make it right. Guaranteed.