Get more website traffic without the retainer.

Don’t get locked into a long-term retainer with an agency. Work with us in sprints and only pay for the work that’s needed when it’s needed.

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We work with B2B clients who want to build brand equity and rank higher through SEO-driven content marketing and high-authority link building.

“What I’m really astounded by are the 3M calls, which must have come from Skyler as we are no longer advertising elsewhere for them. That’s a lot of calls.”

Mark Bryant - A Kentucky Attorney
Mark Bryant
President of The Bryant Law Center
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Case Studies

Our clients keep growing

Chimney Sweep

Increase in organic traffic for a chimney services company from 854 monthly visitors to over 8000.

Health supplements
0 to 12K+

In organic traffic for a niche health supplement company within 12 months of launch. Now an industry leader.

Health Coaching

Increase in organic traffic for a  wellness company in a highly competitive market and a new website launch.

Bryant Law Center
Priddy Clean
Run Doyan
Well-structured process, outstanding SME skills, patient with subject matter newbies. Outstanding thought partner.

Seth Balsam, CEO of Priddy Chimney Sweeps

Seth Balsam CEO of Priddy Chimney Sweeps
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Are we actually any good?

We outrank Google

We’re a small outfit of expert SEO and content marketing consultants. We go head-to-head with industry leaders for some of their own keywords nationally — and beat them.

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Why folks work with us

No Retainers

No one likes being locked into a contract or retainer and too many people have been burned by SEO providers that don’t deliver results.


Your sprints will be set up and run using our proven 4 phase process that delivers results for our clients time and time again.


We enter into non-competes with our clients. Unlike other folks, we won’t work with your competition — we’ll beat them.


You’ll know everything we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and expected outcomes. You’ll be kept in the loop.

We're not for everyone. Your ambition must match ours.

Marine Corps General James Mattis said, “No better friend. No worse enemy.” 

That’s an adage we live by. We’re adamant about working with businesses that want to be the best and dominate their market. 

Leadership in Marketing

We won't work with your competitors.

If you take a look at your competition you’ll often see they use the same marketing agency.

Only one person can rank at the top. When you work with us, we won’t work with your competition. We’ll beat them.

We're content marketing experts.

We believe in building out content assets that can drive immediate customers, nurture leads already in the pipeline, and build brand awareness with cold audiences.

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You'll never have a problem getting a hold of us.

Your customers expect you to be easy to get a hold of.

Ours do too.

Our clients can text or email us any time and we guarantee you’ll get a meaningful response within 24 hours.

Ardent Growth created immediate and meaningful results for our company. Skyler has a really refreshing and straightforward approach that demystifies SEO.

Kevin Cahill, COO of The IAWP

Kevin Cahill of IAWP
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