Get the fastest possible results from content.

Ardent Growth is a marketing consultancy that helps you capture your Total Searchable Market based on a proven methodology that's generated $98.3M+ in revenue.

We've developed a personalized prioritization algorithm and AI models to help you get the traffic, conversions, and revenue they want in days, not months.

Ardent Growth is a consultancy that helps you capture your Total Searchable Market™ based on a proven methodology that's generated $98.3M+ in revenue.

We've spent 7000+ hours developing our methodology, prioritization algorithm, and AI models to help companies do more with less by getting the fastest possible results from content.

Oh, We Also Offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee 👀

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Who's the Total Searchable Market for?

Whether you have a content team of one or a dozen content marketers,
our Total Searchable Market™ service is for you if...

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You want convincing data before investing in content

You're pretty sure content will drive an ROI but you still need something backed by data to be convinced.

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You want to get faster results from your content

You're tired of always hearing it takes time. You want to see results this quarter, not 12 months from now.

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You aren't sure what topics are the best to prioritize

Doing keyword research just to find good topics that you can rank for, will convert, and won't cannibalize old content sucks. We fixed that.

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You want to work with data personalized for your site  

Metrics like keyword difficulty aren't enough. You want to know what YOU have the best shot at ranking for. Consistently.

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You want to rank higher but hate asking for backlinks

Creating content is fun. Building backlinks isn't. You want valuable content that can rank without worrying about backlinks, but you don't know how.

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You want to get the most traffic from what you already have

You know you'd see a big increase in traffic if you updated your old content. But where do you start to get most value for the least effort?

"Figuring out how to properly organize things on a large content-driven website felt impossible. Ardent made it a breeze."
Brendan Hufford, Founder of Growth Sprints

Brendan Hufford

Founder, Growth Sprints

Access Your Total Searchable Market
Get a sample of your Total Searchable Market and your first set of prioritized recommendations for free when you book a call.

Ardent Growth can help you...

SEO ROI Forecasts and Scenarios in Google Sheets

Forecast the value of your Total Searchable Market™

SEO ROI Forecasts and Scenarios in Google Sheets

In under 24 hours, we'll crunch the data to show you how much value exists in your Total Searchable Market™ saving you weeks of manual labor.

Finally, you can show stakeholders the potential value of content backed by hard data, all for a fraction of what it currently costs to do it manually.

Get more traffic from your existing content

SEO Optimization Growth Chart

Most content audits take forever and don't give you a way to prioritize things because they use generic data.

We remove the risk of wasting time on the wrong stuff by factoring in your domain's topical authority across your Total Searchable Market™.

Applying the Pareto Principle, we focus on the areas that give you the best results for the least amount of effort.

SEO Optimization Growth Chart
SEO Organic Traffic Growth Chart

Get faster results from new content

SEO Organic Traffic Growth Chart

SEO doesn't have to take 6+ months to work. Our clustering algorithm and personalized priority formula factors in your website's current authority so we can confidently plan new content you can create and rank on the first page for quickly.

We'll keep your content roadmap filled so you know what to create, in what order, to get the fastest results possible.

Deliver executive reports leadership will love

Example of McKinsey Inspired Deck for Reporting

Showing results works best when you blend quantitative and qualitative data together.

We'll work with your content lead to build narratives that focus on what matters the most: revenue, profit, and market share.

Example of McKinsey Inspired Deck for Reporting
"Turns out SEO doesn't have to take time. 20 minutes of work added 6 figures of net new revenue for us in the first 30 days alone."
Cody West, Founder of The Query

Cody West

Founder, The Query

Access Your Total Searchable Market
Get a sample of your Total Searchable Market and your first set of prioritized recommendations for free when you book a call.
"Traffic and leads keep growing and I don't have to waste time checking their work. They see the big picture and can execute it too."
Chris Dreyer, Founder of

Chris Dreyer

Founder & CEO,

No Junior Account Manager's Here

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We Customize the Solution to You

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No Need to Hire a Full-Time Strategist

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How our service works

Marketing Funnel Identifying Constraints

1. Tell us what constraints you want content to solve.

Marketing Funnel Identifying Constraints

We operate using a Theory of Constraints model. We start by finding the constraint holding the business back, then work with you to set objectives that will fix it.

We want to make sure your content is balanced across the funnel in a way that makes sense for your business type. More traffic isn't always the answer when it's not the right kind of traffic.

2. We build your Total Searchable Market with our custom software.

Total Searchable Market Platform

We conduct our own extensive keyword research based on your goals using a method we've mastered over 300+ projects.

Unlike doing an outdated competitor gap analysis, our methodology ensures we're capturing data across your Total Searchable Market.

Total Searchable Market Platform
SEO On-Page Optimizations Checklist Example

3. We help you get quick results by improving existing content.

SEO On-Page Optimizations Checklist Example

We always find some quick wins in the data. Opportunities that only take minutes to address but can: propel you to the first page overnight or dramatically increase the traffic a page is already getting by filling in subtle gaps.

We make it super easy to knock these out by creating visual, step-by-step recommendations for each opportunity.

4. We show you what content to create, in what order, to get the fastest results.

New Content Recommendations in Content Library by Ardent Growth

We simplify your content operations by feeding you topics in a content roadmap so you know what content to create next, including everything you need to streamline the process from brief to published article.

Everything gets organized in tables to make tracking easier but also comes in a Google Sheet so you can adapt it to your own specific needs. Something we're happy to help you automate if you want.

New Content Recommendations in Content Library by Ardent Growth
SEO Forecasting Example

5. We build forecasts to show leadership incremental value.

SEO Forecasting Example

We feed topics planned in the content roadmap into forecasts and scenarios to give you:

  1. Monthly Organic Traffic Forecasts
  2. Monthly Lead Forecasts
  3. Predicted ROI of Content over 12 Months
  4. Predicted Revenue Growth over 12 Months

Then we'll work with you to build a deck with a compelling narrative that gets leadership excited and bought in.

6. We help you prove results and build reports your executives will love.

McKinsey Inspired Slide Example

We'll help you build an infrastructure that enables you to track and report on the results of your content programs.

Whether you just have GA4 and Search Console or HubSpot, we'll help you combine both quantitative and qualitative data so you can report on what your executives care about most.

McKinsey Inspired Slide Example
SEO Overtaking Competitors Graph

7. We refresh and recalculate your data to keep you ahead of the competition.

SEO Overtaking Competitors Graph

You'll unlock new (and lucrative) opportunities as you build topical authority following our recommendations.

We'll refresh your data and recalculate your personalized priority scores across your Total Searchable Market to catch these new opportunities these early and stay ahead of the competition.

8. We share our playbooks and process guides.

Content Marketing SOPs and Checklist Example in Process Street

We'll share our content playbooks and processes so you can adapt them to your own way of doing things.

For example we'll share:

  1. How we recruit, test, and train content marketers.
  2. Our extensive structural editing process.
  3. How to repurpose content across multiple modalities.
  4. Frameworks for gaining tracking with distribution.
Content Marketing SOPs and Checklist Example in Process Street
Money Back Guarantee for SEO Services

9. We guarantee our work. Get your money back if you're not satisfied.

Money Back Guarantee for SEO Services

We've done this enough times to know it works. If you're not satisfied after 60 days of working with us, we'll give you a 100% refund.

Start working with us 100% risk free.

"Working with Ardent Growth has been phenomenal. They dive into your business model, create growth goals, and deliver tangible results."
Sam Yadegar, Founder of HawkSEM

Sam Yadegar

Founder, HawkSEM

Get started for free

100% Money-Back Guarantee

No risk to get started. We'll build you a sample of your Total Searchable Market™, but we like to get a quick lay of the land from you about your industry and category first.

This call will take about 15-20 minutes. Once we're finished, we'll have your personalized dataset ready within 24 hours.

This offer is for a limited time only. We've been working with other marketing agencies for the past 24 months, but we're ready to expand our markets to broader B2B and B2C.


Book a call if you have more questions.

Is there a catch to your guarantee?

Nope. It's a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our work after 90 days, we'll refund you 100% of the money you paid us.

You've probably heard plenty of other agencies say you can't trust anybody who offers a guarantee when it comes to SEO.

Anyone who says that either fundamentally does not understand what the literal definition of "guarantee" means or they're too afraid to offer one and are mad someone else is. We're not scared. We'll take the risk on for you.

It's a guarantee. It's in our contracts and we're legally bound to it. Simple as that.

How long does this take?

We work on a first come, first serve basis. We can typically build your Total Searchable Market database in under 24 hours from the time we start and begin sending you recommendations within 48 to 72 hours. That said, the size of your Total Searchable Market typically correlates with your Total Addressable Market. So, if you have a large TAM it may take us longer than 24 hours to collect and process all of the data.

What do you need from us?

If you just want a sample of your Total Searchable Market, we just need a quick call to make sure we're on the same page and get you a sample of data that's most relevant to you right now.

If you want your full Total Searchable Market modeled out, forecasts, content strategy, and an editorial calendar, then we'll need access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics at a minimum. If you want us to help with reporting and attribution, we'll need Google Tag Manager access and CRM.

Note: We primarily work with folks who use HubSpot as their Marketing Automation Program. We do not work with Marketo or Pardot at this time.

Can you do the optimizations for us?

Yes, we can do the optimizations for you for an extra fee and if your website is built on Webflow or WordPress. We'll need to take a look at the backend to see how you have things set up before we can give you a price quote.

Can you create outlines for us?

Yes, if you need help creating outlines we can discuss our outline methodology and your needs. If they line up, we can scope that as part of an ongoing engagement.

Can you create content for us?

Yes, we have a service where you get unlimited content per month for a fixed fee.

But we only create content for a handful of clients at a time because we refuse to sacrifice our standards for short-term gain. We focus on creating unique, differentiated content that's based on direct feedback from customers and experts so no one can ever hope to replicate it.

Let us know if you're interested when you book a call and we'll let you know if we have availability or ask if you'd like to be put on the waitlist.

If you need content now, we have two strategic agency partners we work with that we've personally trained on how to use our data platform and deliverables to execute content production. They don't necessary follow the same methodology when it comes to production, but they do know how to fuel production using our insights.

We're happy to make introductions and work in tandem with them.

"Even our ad agency was impressed. They couldn't believe how quickly Ardent grew our organic traffic on a brand new site."
Klaus Kleinfeld

Klaus Kleinfeld


Access Your Total Searchable Market
Get a sample of your Total Searchable Market and your first set of prioritized recommendations for free when you book a call.