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Know exactly where to focus to get insane results from your content.

We’ll wrangle the data for you. Stop spending time doing keyword research, clustering topics, or worrying about the best way to tackle your goals for the quarter. We’ll give you everything you need to get the most value possible from your content in the shortest amount of time.

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How we've helped others

Simply put, Ardent Growth created immediate and meaningful results for our company.

Not only did we get fast results, but Skyler has a really refreshing, straightforward approach that really demystifies the process of SEO.
Kevin Cahill
Kevin Cahill
When you have a large content-driven website, figuring out how to properly organize your content can feel impossible. Automating that process with Ardent Growth's topic cluster model made it a breeze. I can't imagine going back to doing it the old way.
Brendan Hufford Growth Marketer at ActiveCampaign
Brendan Hufford
We worked with Skyler and his team at Ardent Growth to develop a content strategy for an upcoming content campaign at WordAgents. The Topic Cluster intelligence we received back is a game changer.

Not only do we now have a clear understanding of search intent from a birds-eye view, we also have identified new content ideas that are unique from any other tool or service that we use.

The time-savings here makes the data we purchased worth it's weight in gold. The value that Ardent Growth is putting out here really can't be understated.
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Vin D'Eletto
I came to Skyler to get his help with Tipalti on a complex keyword clustering project and he delivered results that were ABOVE AND BEYOND what I anticipated.

Skyler has developed a unique and proprietary process that I am actually envious of, quite frankly. This is a team that knows SEO, understands B2B SaaS at a deep level, and delivers fast, expert performance like very few out there can deliver.

If you get the chance to work with Skyler, you should jump at the opportunity.
Logan Bryant from Tipalti
Logan Bryant
Content marketing can feel a lot like playing roulette. You bet on a campaign, but it's hard to know whether it will be worth the time and money.

Ardent Growth has built a really novel way to quickly identify & prioritize opportunities so you're never gambling with your budget again. Say goodbye to the black box. 👋
John Blust from Databand
John Blust

Find Hidden Gems & Unlock Growth
with Every Piece of Content

SERP Driven

Our clusters are built using live SERP data from Google—giving clarity to content planning.

Competitor Intel

See how competitors perform across each cluster to find and close the gaps.

Revenue Potential

See revenue potential by cluster to get the buy-in you need from stakeholders.

Priority Score

Priority scoring makes it easy to know exactly what should be done first to get the most value.

Current Rankings

See your coverage across your TAM and get more value from existing content.

Search Intent

Easily see what type of content is needed to rank and drive more product-qualified leads.


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We can usually model out your TAM into topic clusters in just a couple days. We’ve dialed in this process so perfectly that we can consistently collect and process the data we need faster than anyone else.

Developing a complete content plan that will drive more product-qualified visitors to your can typically be done in 2-3 weeks if you already have customer research data we can explore (e.g. Gong recordings, website chat logs, etc.) and good conversion-attribution data we can access and feed into our tools.

As little or as much as you want. We offer both DFY and DWY content marketing services. The only thing we require that you let us do is the keyword research (we know the best way to collect the inputs for our algorithm) and some of the more technical aspects of mapping keywords to URLs.

We want to make this as easy on you as possible so if there’s something you wish you could just hand off and trust it’ll get done the right way, we’ll make it happen.

We don’t create content for clients. We will help train your current content writers to improve their abilities though.

If you don’t already have a team of writers, we will help you find, hire, train writers. We also have some great content writing partners we work with that can help you get high-quality content published on a consistent schedule. Just let us know if that’s what you need.

Not currently. We only work with clients directly since what really makes our process work so well involves developing a deep understanding of their product and customers. This isn’t something we can do through a proxy.

Yep. We eat, sleep, and breathe B2B SaaS. While our topic clustering services can work great for ecommerce and service-based industries, we only work with B2B SaaS so we can stay focused on understanding the finer details of what makes a SaaS company successful.

Knowing how B2B SaaS customers think, the problems they face, and the business milestones SaaS companies have to achieve to get that next round of funding, etc. are where we focus our energy. We wouldn’t be able to stay on top of things and deliver the results we do if we divided our attention across additional business models.

Nope. We offer sprints so you can get what you need to get results fast.

We do offer a retainer model if you want us to take more things of your plate and act as a strategic partner, however. But it’s not required.

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