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Our SEO & Marketing Campaigns are based on data-driven analysis and strategies. We use a mixture of statistical analysis, machine learning and our own injection of innovative creativity to identify areas of opportunity to get you an ROI. 

That’s no bullshit either. 

Your campaigns will be based on some of the best SEO processes in the industry. 

The Five Phases

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Our Results Speak for Themselves

100% Increase in Organic Traffic

From 7,352 to 14,705 in 6 months
Personal Injury Law Firm

92.5% Increase in Top 3 Rankings

From 40 to 77 in 6 months
Personal Injury Law Firm

546% Increase in Organic Traffic

From 3,208 to 20,751 in 6 months
Health & Wellness
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Giovanni Sasso
Giovanni Sasso

I was looking for some insight into why my site traffic has been dropping recently. Thankfully I found Skyler. He provided me a lot (a ton) of practical and insightful ideas as to what was happening with my site.

Jordan Welling
Jordan Welling

Ardent Growth was able to think of new and creative ideas to help us improve our conversion. They increased our conversion rate by 49% within just 2 months of working with us.

Kevin Cahill
Kevin Cahill

Simply put, Ardent Growth created immediate and meaningful results for our company. Not only did we get fast results, but Skyler has a really refreshing, straightforward approach that really demystifies the process of optimizing our site for SEO.

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