From 0 to 44K+ Organic Visits for Estate Company

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organic monthly traffic
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increase to local pages
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first-page rankings

The Takeaway

A focus on content marketing and optimization of local landing pages resulted in True Legacy Homes growing their organic traffic from 0 to 44K+ per month in just 6 months.

Client's Experience

True Legacy Homes was able to add new, incremental, revenue-generating acquisitions by leverage organic search.

The Client

True Legacy Homes is a California-based estate sale company, helping families sell the contents of their homes. With their fast and comprehensive operation, they provide complete estate sale services for homes of all sizes.

The Goal

True Legacy Homes wanted to add a new, incremental, revenue-generating acquisition channel: organic search.

They had just launched their brand new website and wanted to accomplish the following:

  1. Increase top-of-funnel organic traffic through blog content
  2. Build out local landing pages to capture localized estate sale searches

The Solution

To accomplish the project goals, we:

  • Ran our Keyword Gap Analysis to find areas their competition was ranking for but they weren’t.
  • Built our Data-Driven Editorial Calendar to plan on how to fill those gaps by focusing on the highest ROI opportunities first.
  • Plugged True Legacy Homes into our content marketing process to produce the high-quality content they needed to rank.
  • Ran our Internal Link Analysis to help distribute link equity throughout the site to key pages that supported their overarching business goals.

Keyword Gap Analysis​

We started the campaign by running our proprietary Keyword Gap Analysis.

Our Keyword Gap Analysis pulled all the keywords from True Legacy Homes’ competitors. We then aggregated those keywords at the page level, determined what the “main keyword” should be for each topic, and prioritized the topics based on opportunity.

This is our proven approach to keyword research. It allows us to find the lowest hanging fruit first and ensures we’re being comprehensive in our topic selection.

Data-Driven Editorial Calendar​

Once we finished the Keyword Gap Analysis, we built our Data-Driven Editorial Calendar which focuses on content strategy development using our financial projection models to identify exactly which content should be created and in what order to get clients the most business value from organic search.

From this, we were able to show True Legacy Homes the amount of potential revenue they would generate and the costs associated with content marketing. Ultimately, this allowed us to estimate a return on investment (ROI) for content marketing.

Content Marketing​

Using the Data-Driven Editorial Calendar as our northstar, we began creating content for True Legacy Homes using our proven content production process that involves finding the best writers for the industry, assessing their abilities, and providing them a structured approach to content that drives traffic from Google.

Local Landing Page Optimization

True Legacy Homes conducts estate sales in hundreds of locations across California. Top of funnel traffic is great, but until we targeted localized searches, we knew we were leaving revenue on the table.

We created a local landing page template for True Legacy Homes’ development team, and then we oversaw the development and implementation.

The Results

0-44K+ Organic Visitors/Month

True Legacy quickly saw an increase in traffic for their brand new website, going from 0 to 44K+ organic visits per month.

True Legacy Homes SEO Organic Traffic Increase
From 0 to 44K+/month in Organic Traffic for True Legacy Homes

Ranking on the First Page for Over 2000 Keywords

Through both content marketing efforts and a focus on increasing the visibility of their local sales pages, True Legacy was able to go from not ranking at all to 2000+ first-page rankings in just 6 months.

True Legacy Keyword Growth
2000+ First Page Rankings for True Legacy Homes

Client's Experience

True Legacy Homes was able to add new, incremental, revenue-generating acquisitions by leverage organic search.

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