365% Increase in Annual Revenue


increase in 1st-page rankings


keywords ranking in the top 3


increase in revenue


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Services Provided

Content Marketing
Website Design
Conversion Rate Optimization

The Client

RunDoyen is the leading platform in the US for serious runners looking to hire the most elite coaches to take their performance to the next level.

The Problem

RunDoyen approached Ardent Growth when they were having problems both getting users to their site and converting them into leads.

They used a form to collect information on what the runner’s goals were. They would then take the information and manually calculate who the best coach would be for that runner and their goals.

This process was not only inefficient and incapable of scale, it also lacked the modern expectations users on the web have: that is, they want answers and quickly.

The Solution

Automated Matching with Personalization

The manual matching exercise had to go. Ardent Growth designed and developed a custom algorithm that would automatically match a runner to the coach that was best suited for them and their goals.

In addition to automating the matching feature, Ardent Growth developed functionality to send the lead to a personalized landing page that used dynamic text to make it match the things they said they were hoping to achieve and looking for in a coach.

Getting Traffic

The organic traffic for RunDoyen was lacking. Ardent Growth laid out a plan to optimize the key pages that would drive traffic and revenue for RunDoyen.

Revamped Website

The website needed some work. Ardent Growth designed and developed a brand new website for RunDoyen that focused on making the runner the hero instead of the elite coaches themselves.

Retargeting through Email Marketing

Ardent Growth setup custom email marketing campaigns to retarget leads with personalized emails to help them feel more confident in hiring the coach they matched with.

The Results

Ardent Growth was able to think of new and creative ideas to help us improve our conversion. We went from getting about 80 leads per month to nearly 400 which has doubled our revenue year-over-year.

Jordan Welling

CEO, RunDoyen

Explosion in Conversion Rates & Leads

The conversion rate for lead generation increased from an average of 1.65% to 7.2% which translated directly to more sales.

Dominating Primary Keywords

When Ardent Growth first began working with RunDoyen they only had 7 keywords ranking on the first page of Google. Most of which were not very valuable keywords except for “find a running coach” and “finding a running coach” which they ranked in position 9 for.

Within 1 year they were ranking on the first page for over 120 keywords. Many of these keywords were driving real revenue and quality leads including:

  • marathon running coach
  • best online running coach
  • online running coach
Search results for best online running coach
Ranking #1 Nationally for Best Online Running Coach
Google search results for marathon running coach
Ranking #2 Nationally for Marathon Running Coach

Revenue Growth

Rundoyen’s revenue has grown 365% since working with Ardent Growth.

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