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Services Provided

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The Client

Ardent Growth – Case Study – IAWP

The IAWP is the global leader in health and wellness coach training with students in over 80 countries.

Growth Summary

Targeted search-driven content marketing in the health & wellness industry.

The Problem

Ardent Growth was contacted to help reduce the IAWP’s dependence on pay-per-click advertising by expanding their organic footprint and improve their ranking position for their most valuable keywords.

Simply put, Ardent Growth created immediate and meaningful results for our company. Not only did we get fast results, but Skyler has a really refreshing, straightforward approach that really demystifies the process of optimizing our site for SEO.

Kevin Cahill

Chief Marketing Officer, IAWP

Steps Taken

After performing a content audit & pruning under-performing blog posts from the site, Ardent Growth was ready to begin creating new hubs of content targeting high-volume search terms and refreshing older content that targeted purchase-ready searchers.

The team at Ardent Growth delivered some big wins, gaining IAWP coveted featured snippets for terms like “how to be a health and wellness coach” & “starting a wellness coaching business.”

IAWP Featured Snippet
Google Search Featured Snippet

They also created top-of-funnel information content around red 40 (a food dye), eventually outranking even Wikipedia for the search term.

As this search-driven content began to rank higher & drive more organic traffic, they also began to see their core sales pages rankings improve across the board.

IAWP Traffic Trend from SEMrush
SEMrush Traffic Trends Report

The strategy was to create & rank content relevant to people in the health industry as well as those interested in healthy living. Identifying gaps in their content strategy that their competitors were benefitting from like more purposeful informational content and a better UX for visitors was the main goal.

IAWP Organic Traffic from Google Analytics
Google Analytics
IAWP Organic Traffic Stats
Google Analytics

To usurp competition in the health & wellness industry, Ardent Growth used their data-based approach to content marketing and created useful content for readers that could then be retargeted across various advertising channels, reducing their cost-per-customer acquisition.

Using statistical analysis and their deep understanding of how people consume content, Ardent Growth managed to reduce IAWP’s dependence upon paid advertising in an industry with ever-increasing ad costs.

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