214% Increase in Organic Traffic for Bryant Law Center


increase in organic traffic YoY


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Paducah KY & Louisville KY

Services Provided

Content Marketing
Website Design

The Client

The Bryant Law Center is a personal injury law firm representing clients across the US with offices in Paducah KY and Louisville KY.

What I’m really astounded by are the 3M calls, which must have come from Skyler as we are no longer advertising elsewhere for them. That’s a lot of calls.

Mark Bryant

Founder, Bryant Law Center

The Problem

Failed PPC advertising campaign using geo-targeting and gradual decline in organic traffic from Google.

Personal injury is one of the most competitive industries in online marketing. An advertising campaign targeting people eligible for a lawsuit against the military earplug manufacturer 3M left them frustrated when it failed to generate a single lead in 6 months.

To make matters worse, the number of people visiting their website from Google searches had been tanking for over 6 months. Things weren’t looking good.

The Bryant Law Center knew it needed to invest in a more dedicated website strategy to get things turned around.

They were going up against deeply entrenched law firms with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and deep pockets.

Running campaigns with national Legal Marketing firms and local advertisers just wasn’t cutting it. Bryant Law needed more leads. They needed more phone calls. They needed a marketing partner who wouldn’t work with their competitors — something Findlaw didn’t offer.

Graph showing organic dip in organic traffic for site in 2019
Note: This is before we stepped in

The Solution

A comprehensive SEO audit & strategy

After reviewing SEO vendors, the Bryant Law Center reached out to Ardent Growth to see what they could bring to the table.

Impressed by the recommendations of former employers of Skyler Reeves, Ardent Growth’s CEO, they finalized the deal and were ready to begin reclaiming the ground they had lost over the past year.

Ardent Growth had to hit the ground running. After severing ties with FindLaw, Bryant Law Center was going to need a new website and fast. FindLaw was going to cut off service to their site within 30 days.

Ardent Growth delivered a new website within 30 days that impressed the attorneys at Bryant Law Center and even other law firms really liked it.

The SEO Campaign

With the website out of the way, Ardent Growth was ready to begin their SEO campaign. Ardent Growth conducted a comprehensive website quality audit, exhaustive keyword research, and identified which pages needed to be the primary targets during the campaign.

After identifying what was working and what wasn’t, Ardent Growth began optimizing the content throughout the site while also building out fresh, new content targeting key topics and phrases such as:

  • 3m earplug lawsuit
  • zantac lawsuit
  • lawyers in paducah ky
  • paducah car accident lawyer

In addition to building out new content, Ardent Growth also focused on acquiring backlinks from high-authority domains to build the authority of Bryant Law Center and make it easier for them to rank for additional keywords in the future.

Graph showing Referring domains increase
Over 60 new referring domains linking to Bryant Law

The Results

Map pack and local domination

With the help of Ardent Growth, the Bryant Law Center not only ranked #1 in the map pack for “lawyers in paducah ky” but #2 as well (ranked Emily Roark, an attorney at Bryant Law Center #2).

By optimizing the page targeting Paducah Car Accident Attorneys, Ardent was able to rank the Bryant Law Center #1 in the organic results for “paducah car accident lawyer,” triggering review stars under the listing as well as a nice featured image of the lead attorney: Mark Bryant.

Google Search Results Ranking in First Position

Ranked nationally for 3M Lawsuit keywords with the leads to back it up

After refreshing the primary page targeting the 3M earplug lawsuit and building several links to it, Bryant Law Center began to see the results of being patient and letting SEO run its course.

Bryant Law Center began to outrank some of the biggest law firms in the nation — eventually ranking on the first page of Google for over 154 keywords related to the 3M lawsuit as well as picking up a number of coveted featured snippets along the way.

Keyword Growth over 1 Year for Legal Client
Organic growth curve for the 3M lawsuit page
Featured Snippet for Legal Client
Featured snippet acquired for client
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