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Rundoyen Organic Traffic Growth Seo

We dramatically increased the organic traffic for RunDoyen. Their monthly revenue has reflected this too. We can’t give specific revenue numbers but we can tell you they’re growing at 24% month-over-month.

Ways Our Paducah SEO Campaigns Can Help Your Business Generate More Leads

We primarily focus on Google when optimizing sites for our clients. Why? Because Google currently commands 92.04% of the search engine market share globally. That means 9 out of every 10 people who search for things use Google.

Our SEO Audits are Broken Down into 3 Main Parts

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Matt Cutts, the former head of search quality at Google, stated awhile back that there were over 200 ranking variables in Google’s algorithm. Optimizing a web page for all of these variables can be difficult, especially since Google doesn’t disclose them to the public.

Our SEO team is composed of computer scientist/data scientist that uses machine learning and statistical inference to determine which items carry the most weight in relation to your competition and how Google perceives your local area.

Content Quality

We also evaluate the general quality of your content using the same standards that Google has its Website Quality Raters go by. Based on this, we focus on the items we’ve come to understand will impact your website’s ability rank well and generate organic traffic the most:

  • Expertise

  • Authority

  • Trust

Backlink Quality

The quality of your backlinks are important. We’ll analyze where they’re coming from and ensure any of your past efforts were didn’t violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Website design isn’t just about how it looks. Good customer experience is important but the structure and content of the site needs to be built in such a way to rank well on search engines, like Google, as well. At Ardent Growth, we do both as a part of our Paducah SEO campaigns.

If you already have an existing site our Paducah SEO team will analyze your company’s website by considering the factors it takes to rank well on Google.

The content we create for our clients is meant to benefit their users first and foremost. We approach our design by putting ourselves in the shoes of the user. We analyze the layout across multiple device types (desktop, mobile, tablet) to ensure everything functions well.

We take into account the fact that Google tracks how people interact with your site:

For instance:

  • How long did the user stay on your page (i.e. dwell time).

  • What actions visitors take on your pages (e.g. did they scroll, submit a form, write a comment, etc.),

  • Did the user bounce (i.e. click the back button) from your page and return to the Google search results?

The experience for the user should be engineered in such a way to give them what they want.  It should also be very easy for the to find additional information on your site if they wish to. This is all primarily influenced by your site’s navigation and layout.

The content you have on the page should be engaging while also taking SEO into account. This means properly tagging images, video, structuring headings/copy correctly, schema markup, and so on.

We will ensure that everything is set up and optimized properly to ensure users enjoy your site because if they enjoy it then Google will recognize that and give reward you with higher rankings in the search results.

Google stated that page speed was a ranking factor back in 2010 and updated those guidelines with a 2018 update to the algorithm called the Speed Update.

While these updates were meant to only impact the slowest of web pages that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to just ignore it.

Page speed is important for Paducah SEO. Think about your experience whenever you visit a page that loads slowly. How often have you been frustrated by this or even given up and tried something else?

It is our goal to ensure that doesn’t happen to your website.

Your website’s load time on mobile is critical. Especially since Google indexes webpages based on the mobile version of their site (called this the mobile-first index). Most websites that rank well are loading in under 3 seconds.

If we find that your website loads slowly we’ll optimize it and take care of that for you.

You can check this for yourself by using Google’s very own page speed insights tool.


Google does use site security as a ranking factor and officially recommends that you install a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate on your site to ensure the data transferred back and forth between you and the user is protected with encryption via the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). So yes, it is important when it comes to Paducah SEO.

Google Chrome even shows users when your website is not secure by displaying a warning sign in the address bar. This warning from Google causes visitors to trust your site less and can result in a loss of potential leads.

Your Paducah SEO marketing message should be consistent across all channels. This means no matter where people find you on the web they should see the same basic info. This includes your listing on Google My Business, other directories, and your social media pages.

We want as many avenues open to get in contact with you as possible but more importantly we want to ensure the information is accurate across all of them.

Research suggests that consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone number across all listings is positive correlated with rankings in the search results.

Keyword research is the heart of search engine optimization. At Ardent Growth we take special care while doing keyword research and keyword evaluation to ensure we’re targeting the optimal keywords for your business.

First off, we follow Google’s SEO Guidelines and do not engage in any Blackhat SEO tactics.

You’ll often think you know exactly which keywords you want your website to rank for but we’re willing to bet that you’ll be surprised.

We don’t approach keywords from a gut perspective. We use exhaustive techniques and advanced tools to determine which keywords exist that you may have never thought of. Business owners often only thing about terms that people search for right before they’re ready to buy but in today’s online world you need to catch the attention of people early which means thinking like they do.

People first become aware they have a problem before they begin searching for solutions. That’s where you can leverage informational content to educate people and give them answers to their problem along with potential solutions (yours included).

This approach makes the more likely to purchase from you when they’re ready to buy because you’ve already built a little rapport with them.

Proper keyword planning targets both:

  • Short-tail keywords

  • Long-tail keywords

Each page on your site should be optimized to focus on a single theme. We ensure it does this by mapping out which pages are optimized for a particular set of keywords using the principles of information architecture.


Targeting short-tail and long-tail keywords is the standard approach to keyword research because it allows you to balance out the pros and cons of each category.

Short-tail keywords often have huge search volume but they’re highly competitive, making them harder to rank for, and they do not convert nearly as well as long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords have a much lower search volume but you can bet that when someone searches for one they are highly likely to convert.

Here at Ardent Growth we use half a dozen industry leading keyword research tools to identify which keywords will be profitable for our clients.

Yes. Once you hire us to manage your SEO campaign we will also examine how your current keywords are ranking as well as how much search traffic they’re generating for you. While you may think you’re ranking for some great keywords the truth that they’re driving little to no traffic to your business.

Once we evaluate everything we’ll provide you with a complete report on how your keywords are ranking, how each one impacts your business, and our recommendations on how to optimize things for ROI.

On-page SEO is something a lot of folks think they know how to do but the reality is that they only know how to do a small portion of it. On-page SEO involves everything from carefully crafted copywriting in your titles and meta descriptions to highly technical caching, compression, and schema markup processes.

A lot of folks wonder what the difference between on-page and off-page SEO is.

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing the content present on your site in order increase your organic traffic from search engines.

Off-Page SEO is the process of using external websites to influence your reputation in the eyes of Google. This comes in many forms such as social media, online directories, other websites linking to yours, video hosted on YouTube, podcasting, etc.

We can think of it like trying to publish a book. On-Page SEO would be like writing the book, creating an index, editing it and ensuring it flows well. Off-Page SEO would be everything you do after you publish it to promote it.

Search Engines are designed to give you the best results back based on what you search for. To do this, they attempt to interpret what a page is about by reading the text and analyzing the structure of content.

Ensuring your pages headings (h1, h2, h3…h6) are set up properly makes it easier for search engines to understand your content.

Optimizing your page’s title tags is a delicate balance between serving users and serving search engines.

The title tag is the main text that actually appears on Google when it shows up (the blue link).

At Ardent Growth, we optimize title tags to ensure they are:

  • Descriptive and useful

  • Optimized with your primary keywords without being spammy

  • Optimized to catch the searcher’s attention to increase click-through rate

Underneath the title tag is your meta-description. This is the text doesn’t directly affect your rankings but it can definitely affect your click-through rate. The description should be no more than 160 characters long and is best written by someone with some copywriting skills.

If your meta description contains keywords or similar keywords to the ones the user searched for they will be bolded. That will help your listing stand out against the others.

The media elements of your page play a significant role in impacting how a user experiences your site. You want to use engaging photos and videos where they make sense. Do not simply use placeholder images for the sake of having an image.

The problem with images and video when it comes to SEO is that they directly impact your website’s load time. Take this into account, according to Google, 53% of users visiting a website from mobile will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Additionally, Google estimates that the probability of a mobile users bouncing from a site increases 123% for pages that take 1-10 seconds to load.

As such, it’s our job to ensure that we can include the rich media that users enjoy while also keeping the load time fast. This involves a lot of technical SEO techniques and tricks but there are some basic principles that we adhere to as well:

  • Use efficient image and graphic file types: e.g., GIF, JPG, and PNG

  • Use media on where it’s needed. It’s common for website owners will include too use too many videos or images because they think it “looks pretty”. This is the #1 reason why we find a client’s side is loading slowly and hurting the site’s traffic.

  • Video and image files should be compressed.

  • Use responsive image queries so that we’re using the right amount o resources based on the user’s device.

  • Use descriptive file names, titles, captions, and alt tags for images and other rich media to help Google understand what it is about.

  • Use high-quality thumbnails for videos instead of auto-playing them. You should always let the user decide when they want to watch/listen to content.

Your website has a reputation with Google. One of the primary factors that influences this reputation involves how other sites link to you, how you link to other sites, and how your link internally within your own site.

By ensuring you’re internally linking to pages that are highly relevant to each other you help Google understand what a cluster of content is about.

We check for and ensure optimal internal linking occurs during the information architecture phase of our website quality audits.

Most businesses find link-building to be the hardest part of SEO. This is the one form of SEO where you have to rely on other people helping you out by endorsing your content/page.

The most important part of link building is to ensure the backlinks you are receiving come from high quality websites. Random links from around the web get filtered out by Google’s algorithm.

Link building involves a lot of manual work but it is still one of the most powerful tactics when it comes to ranking on Google.

Having high authority websites endorsing you is extremely powerful when it comes to Google trusting your website enough to rank it higher. Google’s job is to return the best results to searchers and it places a heavy importance on ensuring it recommends authoritative/high-quality sites in its results.

Think of it like a trusted friend who’s a mechanic recommending a certain auto product to you. You’re more likely to trust your friend than some random person, right? That’s because your friend has recognized authority in the space. Google uses backlinks to help establish this authority for web pages and when they link to other pages they are essentially passing on a bit of their authority to the recommended page.

There’s the right way to do things and then there’s the wrong way to do things.

Backlinks should be from high-quality contextually relevant sources. This means links from random blogs, advertisements, comments, or private blog networks is a no-go. Not only will most of these be dismissed by Google, if you’re violating their webmaster principles and get caught you can expect your website to receive a manual penalty, causing it to be de-indexed from the search results.

Properly backlink building involves a lot of manual outreach. You have to have content worth linking to first if you want to achieve any worthwhile success with this.

Here at Ardent Growth we use a suite of tools to help us identify ideal candidates to reach out to.

All links that we help your site build will be 100% white-hat reputable links.

Keyword research is pointless with content marketing. 61% of consumers are influenced by content. The key is that it has to be high quality. The good news is that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

I guess they say “Content is King” for a reason.

The primary effort of content marketing is to provide visitors with something they will legitimately enjoy. This helps build your authority with both your users and search engines.

High quality content is also easier to build links to. When performing outreach to get links you need to have something “link-worthy” otherwise you’ll be banging your head against a wall.

Additionally, high-quality content can and will begin generating backlinks all on its own with people who find it really engaging.

Long-form blog posts and videos seem to be performing best right now. From a blog perspective you’re better off focusing on information content that is useful to your audience.

This means avoiding content like, “10 Reasons Why You Should Hire My Company.” No one cares about that. You’re far better off thinking about a problem your customers often face and creating content that will help them with this problem.

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with ideas or feel too busy to do all of this. We’ll handle it all for you from start to finish.

Okay...So Why Choose Ardent Growth?

We're Local SEO Experts

We wrote the 2019 Google My Business guide. We can rank your business for local terms without breaking a sweat. How? We have our own methodology that uses machine learning.  

We also rank on the 1st page nationally for several other keywords (google my business guide, google my business tutorial). We published this page you’re reading now and ranked on the first page of Google within 2 minutes. 

Try an SEO campaign with us if you want to dominate your competition in the search engine results.

GMB Guide 2019 Paducah SEO
Business Men Working On Computers And Analyzing Financial Charts

Data Transparency

All of our SEO packages include in-depth monthly reporting. We want to keep things as transparent as possible and offer additional training for your management or any other internal staff to interpret and view the data any time they wish as well.

You’re a key player in this with us. It’s important that you be able to look at the data with us because you know your business than anyone else ever will. There will be times where you’ll be able to offer key insight and input based on what we uncover in the analytics.

Your Business is Our Business

We’re in this business because we want to our clients succeed. We will strive to do our best and ensure you’re site is given the attention it deserves. Our goal is to develop a marketing strategy for you that fosters business growth.

And look, we get it. We’re a small business too. We’ll answer any questions you have and aim to satisfy you with what we deliver. 

Business Marketing Ardent Growth

How Are We Different?

First off, each agency has its strengths and its weaknesses.  While we think we have unique selling points our local competition lacks, we do not in any way think they’re bad agencies. In fact, they’re pretty good at certain things.

Socially Present

Socially Present is great when it comes to story telling. Seriously, their video production team is top notch.

Storytelling is something we do as well but we focus on doing it through other channels. It also isn’t our main focus. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with storytelling but anytime a client asks us about this we ask them, “Do you want to tell stories or do you want to make money?” Our primary goal is to make your business more profitable. It is extremely difficult to calculate an ROI on storytelling and most small businesses would benefit from increased lead generation via paid advertising and/or SEO more than investing in a storytelling video.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with video production and branding if you’re business is doing well and your budget warrants it.

Innovations Branding House

Innovations Branding House is a solid choice if you want branding, graphic design, print media and other services all handled by one agency.

We don’t handle physical media and would recommend most folks elsewhere for those things.

We’re highly focused on three specific areas:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Content Marketing

We couple machine learning, statistical inference, data-regression models, natural language processing, data science and calculus with our design and creative team to produce content that ranks and converts well.

We track everything so that we can clearly show the ROI of our work.

Ready to Increase Your Lead Generation?

Client Testimonials

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Jordan Welling
Jordan Welling
CEO - RunDoyen
Read More
Ardent Growth was able to think of new and creative ideas to help us improve our conversion. They increased our conversion rate by 49% within just 2 months of working with us.
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo
SVP - Interprise Partners
Read More
Ardent Growth is amazing. Having worked with them several times now, they are great with web-based software projects and at quickly figuring out professional quality, cost effective solutions.
Larry Neumann
Larry Neumann
CMO - Modumate
Read More
Ardent Growth provided us with thorough web design and programming that helped with a wide range of projects. They're also skilled at marketing and provided solid counsel on marketing strategy as well. Great job!
Dustin McCrary
Dustin McCrary
Attorney at Law
Read More
My account manager at Ardent Growth was extremely professional in all regards, and an excellent communicator. He was prompt, courteous and a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Evan L.
Evan L.
PM - Vintner's Daughter
Read More
Ardent Growth was great to work with and provided a thorough SEO audit of our Shopify Plus website. Their analysis was comprehensive and included prioritized recommendations that made it east to identify the most important SEO issues that needed to be addressed.
Matt B.
Matt B.
Owner - MidAtlantic Gardening
Read More
Ardent Growth did an excellent job for me. They completed an SEO audit on time and was very thorough in their analysis. They also took the extra time to explain big picture stuff to ensure I was making the right decisions in moving forward. I'm going to be working with them moving forward on a new project and could not recommend them more.