Leveraging Local Reviews and Ratings

Local Ratings & Reviews

Provide Review-Worthy Service It’s fairly straightforward but to get the good reviews you want, you’ll need to make sure you’re providing your customers with review-worthy service. Good performance isn’t remarkable, but exceptional service and bad service are worth writing reviews about. The majority of customer complaints in online reviews are reactions to employee behavior and […]

The Definitive Guide to Google My Business in 2020

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Table of Contents What is Google My Business? Why Is Google My Business Important How to Setup Google My Business How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing What Should I Add to My Info Section? Brick & Mortar vs. Service Area Business Choosing the Right Category Optimizing Services Section Attributes/Highlights Business Description Photo Guidelines […]

How to Set Up Local Business Listings [Updated for 2020]

Local Business Listings Citations

What to Include in Your Local Business Listing Every structured local business listing you set up will require you fill out a specific set of fields that include things like: Google, specifically Google My Business, is the leader when it comes to how to set up your listings, so refer to them when looking for […]

What is Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing, often called Local SEO (search engine optimization), is a type of online/digital marketing that businesses engage in to reach local markets by showing up in the local results when their target customers go online and search for things. The Layman’s Definition Local search marketing is a local marketing strategy that is all […]

How to Hide Address on Google My Business

Hide Address On Google My Business

How to Hide Address on Google My Business Brick and mortar stores will almost always want their business address to appear in Google maps. However, if you’re running a business that operates in a service area without a physical storefront, it’s quite possible you may not want your address being displayed in your business information […]

How to Delete Photos from Google My Business

How To Delete Photos From Google My Business

If you’re trying to remove photos from your Google listing it’s likely because of one of two reasons: Photos appear on your listing that you didn’t post and you don’t like them. You want to remove a photo you added. Whatever the case may be, Google does provide you with ways to delete (or flag) […]

Practical SEO for Law Firm Websites | 2019 Guide

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#1 Law Firm SEO Guide ⚖️ Practical Law Firm SEO Tips ⚖️ #1 Law Firm SEO Guide Practical Law Firm SEO Tips Quick Links The Search Engine Results For Legal Queries Optimizing Keywords For Attorneys Optimizing Site Architecture Optimizing Local SEO For Law Firms The Role Of Content In Attorney SEO Backlinks: The Glue That […]