Calloway County Quilt Trail

Butterworth Quilt Pattern Calloway County Kentucky

Calloway County Quilt Trail

If you’re looking for a combination of art, history, and a pleasurable countryside drive in western Kentucky then the Calloway County Quilt Trail is perfect for you.

Patterns are painted on large quilt squares and hung on barns, homes or businesses throughout the region. The story of the family or its land is often told in the pattern. This wonderful and artistic expression of the local histories of these families is something that really sets the area apart. The design of these patterns is something our web designers in Murray, KY can appreciate enthusiastically.

Murray and Calloway County has one of the most significant trails in the region, with more than 40 quilt squares across the region.

Let’s take a look at the trail for ourselves!

East Trail

The East Trail passes through the center of our town, extending off 12th street and making its way into Downtown Murray.

Miller Courthouse Annex – Coming Home

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The pattern of this quilt was perfect for the Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau. It conveys their tagline Feels Like Home with four geometric shapes point directly to the center heart of the pattern.

Central Park – Tree of Life

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Found on a barn located in Central Park we can find the Tree of Life pattern.

Adams – Sunflower

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This pattern is a commemorative pattern to a member of the Adams family. This is located on the back of the property on their beautiful red barn.

Northwest Trail

Along State Route 121 we find the Northwest Trail. Along this trail you’ll find the

Murray-Calloway County Fairgrounds. More can be found scattered amongst the homes and farmlands in the north end of Calloway county.

Ross – Dahlia Basket

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This square is a true original. It existed well before the Quilt Trail did.

Fairgrounds – Corn & Beans

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The crops that are grown locally in Calloway County are paid tribute in this quilt square with it’s green and yellow invoking clear parallels with the corn crop industry.

Norsworthy – Northwoods

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For 124+ years the family farm has called this place home. This quilt square represents the relationship between the farm and it’s surrounding woodlands.

Southwest Trail

This is the shortest trail in our guide. That being said, it has some of the most special stories we can find in the history of the local quilt squares.

Butterworth – Patriotic

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This barn and quilt square are replacements of the original tobacco barn that burned down many years ago.

Jackson – Ohio Star

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This design, known as the Ohio Star, resides on a home that was recognized as a Kentucky Bicentennial Farm by the Kentucky Heritage Council in 1992.

Keel – Tobacco Leaf

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This tobacco barn is well over 100 years old and has a rich family history accompanying it. This quilt’s pattern faithfully represents the tobacco crop that is integral to the area.

There are over 60+ barn quilt squares throughout this area. We encourage you to let us know if you have any good photos and stories you’d like added to our Calloway County Quilt Trail guide. If you want to dive deeper into what Murray has to offer you should start by learning out Murray State University.

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