Canceled ‘Luke Cage’ Revealed as Netflix Show Americans Most Upset About

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December 18, 2022

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Most missed Netflix Originals canceled

Has your favorite Netflix show been canceled? You’re not alone.

Netflix is responsible for giving the world amazing original programming, some of which has been sadly cut short. Whilst these shows usually have a dedicated and loyal fanbase, unfortunately, they don’t get the Netflix-wide viewership needed to keep a show on this streaming platform.  

We couldn’t choose our favorite so we put the question to the public and surveyed 2609 people to get their opinions.

Top 10 Canceled Netflix Originals Americans Most Upset About

[amcharts id="netflix-missed-shows"]

  1. Luke Cage - 71%
  2. G.L.O.W - 61%
  3. Santa Clarita Diet - 60%
  4. The Punisher - 55%
  5. Teenage Bounty Hunters - 52%
  6. BoJack Horseman - 50%
  7. The OA - 49%
  8. Next in Fashion - 47%
  9. Altered Carbon - 44%
  10. Disjointed - 40%

When we say ‘Netflix show’, we’re referring to Netflix Original shows, which means that all shows on the list have been commissioned and produced by Netflix.

Top 10 Reasons Why People are Upset about their Favorite Netflix Original being Canceled

We also asked the public why they were upset that their favorite TV show(s) were canceled. Below are the reasons why:

  1. More to give in terms of storyline - 68%
  2. All-time favorite show - 60%
  3. Emotionally-invested (including humor) - 58%
  4. Was a show shared with family member or friend - 44%
  5. Wanted to binge-watch more - 37%
  6. Finished on a cliff-hanger - 35%
  7. Appreciated the representation in the show - 31%
  8. Dispirited at thought of not seeing favorite characters - 28%
  9. Found the show inspirational - 17%
  10. Other - 11%

Binging Less Popular than We Though at Only 54%

When asked their favorite way to consume Netflix shows, respondents were more likely to binge-watch shows, but perhaps not in the quantity expected with only 54% of people opting to view content in that way.

Luke Cage was most favored in Maryland, with G.L.O.W being a hit in Arizona with Santa Clarita Diet being most popular in Oregon.

Skyler Reeves, founder and CEO of Ardent Growth, said,

“There are some brilliant shows in this list, I’d possibly even go as far as saying they’re cult status. Now whether these shows received a kind of cult status before or after their cancellation is something that we can’t quite be sure of!

That being said, it was really interesting to see how people feel about some of these shows. It’s clear that they had massive fan bases, and with Netflix continuing to boom perhaps we’ll get some of the closure we need, or at least some good shows to distract us!”

Skyler Reeves, founder of Ardent Growth
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Skyler Reeves
Iraq vet turned engineer then marketer. Focused on helping other agency owners grow to 8 figures.
Skyler Reeves
Skyler Reeves
Iraq vet turned engineer then marketer. Focused on helping other agency owners grow to 8 figures.
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