Tools & Resources We Recommend

These are the tools and resources I recommend. Full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links. I’ve personally used all of these products and 100% believe in them. This list does not include every single tool I use but only the ones I feel are important enough to warrant mentioning.

Web Design

Elementor Pro is an easy to use, drag-and-drop WordPress page builder. Elementor Pro is one of my number one recommended resources for clients. This WordPress plugin is $49/year for a single site and worth every penny. 

I recommend this to my clients because it gives them an easy way to create pages or edit existing ones I’ve already made with Elementor with no coding skills necessary.

Every single client that has begun using Elementor Pro due to my referral has been extremely pleased. 

Web Hosting

I’ve used a variety of hosting services over the years and SiteGround is by far my favorite. 

Their customer service is super helpful, the pricing is affordable, but most importantly, their servers are very fast and have a high uptime. Knowing I can quickly and reliably deliver content for my clients to their customers is worth its weight in gold.

Bluehost is my second recommendation to clients. They have excellent customer service as well and their cPanel is super easy to use. 

I have yet to have issues related to uptime for all Bluehost related properties. 


Quickbooks is one of the most useful pieces of software I utilize. Many of my clients are small-business owners just like myself and being able to easily track income, expenses, send electronic invoices and receive payment electronically is immensely helpful. You’ll also be able to pay your estimated quarterly taxes right within Quickbooks itself. 

Note that I use the web client version of the software but they do have a version you can run on the computer as a native application as well.