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We’re passionate about growth. We pride ourselves on being extremely ethical and transparent compared to other marketing agencies. 

We also love beating people. If you’re a competitive person, we’ll get along just fine.

How We Got Started

Our founder was frustrated with every marketing agency he came in contact with. They were always obscuring data from businesses and only wanted to keep people on the hook. 

When an agency wouldn’t grant him access to his own analytics data he decided it was time to start his own agency. One that focused on the best interests of the customer and empowering them whenever and wherever possible.

With over 25 years designing art and a formal background in computer science  our founder places a high-value on employees who are both creative and technical. His stance is that the right-brain left-brain rhetoric we’ve all heard about is utter bullshit. 

People who learn and adapt win. Those who don’t will fade away.

From Small Town Kentucky. But We Take on Goliaths

We’re based out of Murray, Kentucky but we work with clients all across the entire United States since we enter into non-compete agreements with the businesses we market.

Don’t let us being from a small town fool you. Go search for “google my business guide” and you’ll see we go head to head with Google itself for their own keyword. 

We’re damn good at what we do. Most SEOs came into the field because they were looking for a way to make money online. We came into it from a background in mathematics and computer science.

We have one primary goal: to beat the competition — your competition. Schedule a call with us and we’ll give you some actionable insights to make an impact on your rankings and call volume.

Giovanni Sasso
Giovanni Sasso

I was looking for some insight into why my site traffic has been dropping recently. Thankfully I found Skyler. He provided me a lot (a ton) of practical and insightful ideas as to what was happening with my site.

Jordan Welling
Jordan Welling

Ardent Growth was able to think of new and creative ideas to help us improve our conversion. They increased our conversion rate by 49% within just 2 months of working with us.

Kevin Cahill
Kevin Cahill

Simply put, Ardent Growth created immediate and meaningful results for our company. Not only did we get fast results, but Skyler has a really refreshing, straightforward approach that really demystifies the process of optimizing our site for SEO.

Our Methodology


Initial Chat

We’ll have a chat on the phone to get a sense of what your pain points are right now, what you’ve tried so far and if we’re the right digital marketing solution for you. We’re not going to try to sell you right away. We have to make sure we’re right for each other.

We’re extremely competitive and very selective about who we work with. We only partner with clients who are serious about growing their business. 

Our monthly retainers start at $4000/month for small businesses operating in one local area and $7500+/month for all other businesses types depending on their size and industry. 


Quality Assessment and Preliminary Strategy

If we think we’re a good fit and can help you, we’ll run several extensive audits on your site to evaluate the quality of each page, current keyword optimization, and develop a link acquisition plan for the future. 

There’s no obligation to enter an annual contract with us at this point. This quality assessment can be purchased as a one-off deliverable for those interested as well. Pricing varies based on the size of the site but starts at $5000.


11 Month Strategy & Optimization

If we both think we’re a good fit, we will map out an 11 month strategy for you (we consider our audits the first month of service). 

This 11 month strategy begins with technical SEO optimizations that include cleaning up site architecture, on page items, as well as page speed. 


Content Management

Once we’ve optimized your current pages and helped get you on the right track we aggressively begin develop new content for the site that can help grow your organic traffic.

We are equipped to manage writers during this process and prefer it. Our pool of writers are experienced experts who know how to write content optimized for search engines. 

Our content marketing strategy heavily employs data science to produce original research studies as well. So unless you have someone available who is comfortable with Python and R, you’ll probably want to leave this to us. 

We do ensure you review and approve everything, however.


Outreach Management

Link acquisition is an on-going part of our campaigns. We will assess your current needs and goals and acquire links to your site with a velocity to help catch you up to any competitors who happen to be ahead of you. 

This is where a bulk of your monthly fee will go. Outreach and content creation often need to be done at scale in competitive verticals. 

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