We blend data and creativity to make awesome content.

Ardent Growth builds content marketing strategies and teams that leverage data, machine learning, and creativity to produce high-quality evergreen website content for B2B brands. Our clients invest in channels that return sustainable compounding growth so they can get off the paid advertising hamster wheel.

Our Mission

Make the web a better place.

We believe every time you publish a piece of content it should either be the best piece of content on the web for that topic or contribute something meaningful, new, insightful, or helpful to the conversation.

If it’s not, you need to rethink publishing it.

Develop a passion for learning and growth in everyone.

The constant pursuit of growth is something we encourage. Whether in your profession, knowledge, health, relationships, or anything else—we believe you should strive to grow ardently.

Our Team

Skyler Reeves


Erin Meck

Head of content

Matt Crane

content strategist

Randy Anderson

SEO Specialist

Savannah Poor

Content Specialist

Taylor Goodman

Marketing Coordinator

Kristen Goodman

Executive assistant